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Intervertebral hernia

Intervertebral hernia is a serious pathology that, if left untreated, may result into a variety of disorders up to the development of paralysis. Therefore, such patients usually receive extra care and attention from German doctors.


Hernia treatment in Germany entails the use of the most modern techniques, and the latest among them is endoscopic surgery. What makes it close to perfect is the following:

• minimal risk of complications;

• extremely low invasiveness ;

• effective restoration of the damaged intervertebral disc;

• sound use of local anesthesia.


There is also one more additional advantage to treating intervertebral hernia in Germany: endoscopic method means a very short recovery period. Patients begin to move around independently in just a few hours after surgery.


In a situation where endoscopic surgery is not possible (for example, in cases of complicated hernia), intervertebral disc arthroplasty is performed. German doctors make use of all the cutting-edge technology in this field, so a complete takeover of the functions of the natural disc by artificial prostheses is also possible.


With our assistance the doors of all leading specialized clinics in Germany will open for you, and you will to able to obtain consultations from the best vertebrologists. Out patients’ reviews demonstrate that the percentage of total recovery after hernia treatment in Germany is at least 75%, and more than 90% of the patients experienced significant relief.




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