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Epilepsy treatment in Germany centers around two basic principles – individual approach to each patient and accurate diagnosis.


To achieve the latter computer electroencephalography with high resolution is widely used in German hospitals to determine convulsive status and predisposition to seizures. Methods of nonlinear dynamics analysis of the functional state of the brain provide a reliable tool to identify the causes of epileptic seizures.


Besides, German doctors can determine the effectiveness of the therapy based on the studies of the brain electrical activity. Excellent technical equipment in German clinics serves as a great help to correct medication dosages. This ensures timely relief from epileptic seizures.


With Medigerman you can count on treatment in the best German hospitals, as well as being consulted by the leading experts in the field. They will design your individual treatment plan including the use of anticonvulsants and the latest psychoactive nootropics (racetams).


Epilepsy treatment in Germany gives the best chances to forget about this disease forever!

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