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Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)

CABG surgery is designed to restore normal blood flow to the heart muscle. Coronary heart disease, aka vasoconstriction, is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Therefore, European medical research places particular emphasis on ways to counter this grave condition.


Now thanks to Medigerman, people from Moscow, Kiev and other CIS cities can take full advantage of the German heart surgery services.


How this surgery is decided upon?


Coronary artery bypass surgery is one of the most effective methods to restore normal blood flow to the heart, and hence the leading way to prevent acute cardiovascular collapses. Certainly, this surgery is always preceded by a thorough diagnosis. The main diagnostic tool in this case is coronary angiography. It is a high-precision X-ray picture, which determines the location, degree and nature of vasoconstriction by means of a contrast method.


Who performs CABG?


CABG requires an extremely high professional expertise of the entire operating team. In Germany, such surgeries are carried out only by the most knowledgeable and skilled surgeons who had previously undergone extensive training and a very strict selection test.


How is the surgery done?


It common in CIS countries to perform CABG using a CPB pump. But technical equipment of German hospitals makes is possible to carry out such an operation on a beating heart. In this case, the rehabilitation period is greatly reduced and the surgery itself lasts less.


What about contraindications?


Just as any other surgery, CABG has its limitations. For example, it cannot be done in cases where the heart artery is extremely narrowed lengthwise or the heart muscle performance is not strong enough. Other contraindications include serious diseases of lungs and liver. If they occur, preliminary treatment is necessary to eliminate these pathologies.


What is the cost of a CABG?


This is a complicated and technically demanding surgery, so its price can hardly be compared with the cost of an appendectomy. Nevertheless, thanks to our long-standing partnerships with Germany’s leading specialized hospitals, we can secure our patients considerable discounts.

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