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Melanoma refers to malignant neoplasms that evolve from skin pigment cells. It is considered one of the most dangerous cancer types due to the high probability of relapse. In addition, melanoma metastasizes quickly into surrounding organs and tissues, spreading along lymphatic and blood vessels.


Melanoma treatment in Germany is manifold. The latest most radical and efficient method is excision using laser technology. In addition to melanoma itself, 2 or 3 cm of the surrounding skin and subcutaneous tissue are completely removed down to the underlying tendon or muscle to secure effectiveness of the procedure. The resulting cosmetic defect is subsequently eliminated through a plastic surgery.


Furthermore, treatment of advanced melanoma involves the use of Mohs-Surgery. In this case the surgeon’s movements are controlled for by the use of a microscope, which greatly increases precision and eventual success of the operation. The therapy might also include immunotherapeutic methods, irradiation of the tumor, photodynamic and chemotherapy.


Feedbacks from those who have already undergone melanoma treatment in Germany assure of its high efficiency. This is primarily due to the fact that Medigerman takes extra care in choosing the best experts for their patients. Again, the prices for a complete course of medical treatment in Germany do not differ from the domestic ones.


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