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Artificial insemination

Demand for medical treatment in Germany is beyond doubt. High quality services, advanced technology and, most importantly, guaranteed results determine the interest of a variety of patients. One of the very popular reasons to undertake such a journey is artificial insemination. Patients with infertility problems from different parts of the CIS get increasingly interested in treatment options in this country.


Medigerman will invest all its efforts to make your dream come true. Thanks to our expertise and professionalism, the recommended IVF clinics will meet all your standards and individual characteristics. It should be noted that all centres of reproductive medicine in Germany base their work on the principle of satisfying the most stringent requirements. Thus the cost of artificial insemination here is quite reasonable.


Under current legislation, the doctors practicing in these centres must have a certain expertise and officially recognised qualification in the field of reproductive medicine and endocrinology. It serves as an additional guarantee that the artificial insemination in Germany reaches the highest quality level.


Methods of artificial insemination in Germany.


Almost every artificial insemination centre in Germany uses a number of methods:

IVF (in vitro fertilization);

• intrauterine insemination with the husband’s or donor’s sperm;

• gametes and zygotes transfer into the fallopian tubes;

ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection into the egg);

• cryopreservation of gametes;

• extraction of sperm from the testicles (if they are completely absent in the ejaculate);

• pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.


Method selection.


The choice of the artificial insemination method is made only after the causes of infertility are clearly established:

• obstruction or absence of the fallopian tubes;

• endometriosis;

• immunological or endocrine infertility;

• male infertility, etc.


Any artificial insemination centre in Germany has a large arsenal of clinical, laboratory and instrumental tests. These diagnostic examinations are held for both spouses. The exact technique, according to which in vitro fertilization will occur, is determined by the results of the tests. As a rule, the first step to treatment is hormonal stimulation of superovulation. The cost of artificial insemination depends on the cost of each stage, additional procedures (ICSI) and other factors.


In any case, the cooperation between the patient, physician and healthcare provider guarantees the success of the whole undertaking. Thanks to us, the best fertility clinics in Germany are always at your service!


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