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Paediatric urology

Complaints about urinary tract disorders can be frequently heard in any child urology consultation ward. The explanation for this phenomenon is quite simple: due to their constant contacts with microorganisms, these organs are vulnerable to infections and autoimmune disorders, especially before reaching physiological maturity. That is why in Germany child urology is one of the priority areas of medical practice.


Medigerman helps all young patients from Kiev, Moscow and other CIS cities get a treatment in leading German urological clinics. We cooperate with many such medical institutions, which gives you the best chances to match your choice with allowable financial challenges. Moreover, with us you can always be sure that your preferred hospital is one of the leading urology centres in the country. Additionally, we will take care of introducing you to the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field.


German doctor pay their utmost attention to thorough and accurate diagnostics. This is why in order to choose the most effective treatment strategy for your child; they will conduct various tests and examinations. Every paediatric urology clinic in Germany has all the most modern equipment and uses advanced technology. These include nuclear isotope scanning, magnetic resonance and computer-assisted tomography, three-dimensional high-resolution ultrasound, etc.


Urologic disorders treatment in children means, above all, non-invasive techniques and strategies that include individually tailored schemes of pharmacological medications, specially designed diet and effective physiotherapy. If surgery is the only option, then non-traumatic techniques such as endoscopic and laser surgery are always preferred. Apart from the professional expertise, German centres of paediatric endocrinology have all the modern equipment and technology necessary for a successful surgical intervention.


Furthermore, psychological condition of the child should never be ignored in paediatrics. Therefore, the key to the effective treatment in any German clinic will lie not only in the sphere of doctors’ professionalism, but also in an attentive and caring attitude for all medical personnel.

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