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Bladder cancer

Treatment of bladder cancer in Germany relies on a thorough diagnosis of the development stage and nature of the tumor. It is a comprehensive approach which encompasses surgery, irradiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

The use of mild, minimally invasive surgical techniques such as laparoscopy dominates German medical arsenal. Besides, TURBT-procedure is common during the early stages of tumor development, which means in fact a transurethral resection of the bladder. In the process of chemotherapy hardware generated microwave heating of the bladder walls is coupled with the parallel circular irrigation of the bladder with medical substances.


If the tumor is of a considerable size, then a complete removal of the bladder is recommended. It is, naturally, followed by the subsequent plastic surgery for the complete restoration of normal urination. Additionally, patients’ experiences and professional scientific publications indicate that such non-surgical methods as laser vaporization, cryodestruction of a tumor, ablation using a high frequency radiosurgical scalpel are increasingly gaining recognition as an effective treatment means. Even in cases of extensive bladder surgery for bladder, the intervention is carried out without damage to the nerve plexus. And, therefore, does not cause potency disorders.


Medigerman will guarantee you with the best treatment in Germany’s leading clinics solidified by the knowledge and expertise of the best urologists and oncologists. Apart from it, you can count on significant price reductions thanks to our cooperation with these medical institutions.

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