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Sports Physical Examination

Medigerman offers professional athletes a complete physical checkup in one of the best hospitals in Germany – a world leader in the field of sports medicine. The country’s prominent development in sports medical service lends itself to an extensive expertise and practical experience of German doctors, who are accustomed to working with patients whose body is put under an exceptional physical strain.


Diagnostic programs differ. Therefore, only most qualified physicians are in a position to determine appropriate therapy options, taking into considerations the athlete’s type of sports, physical data, lung condition, heart and musculoskeletal health. A step-by-step procedural breakup includes:

• laboratory tests;

• standard checkup and ECG;

• Anaerobic Test and its evaluation;

• spiroergometry.


The survey results let doctors determine the nature of the body’s response to stress and choose an ideal exercise regime in order to minimize the risk of fatigue.

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