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Dermatologic Examination

Medigerman offers its client to undergo a medical checkup in the best German clinics. After all, only timely dermatological examination and therapy can guarantee skin health.


A complete dermatological checkup includes:

• instrumental methods – foto dermascopy and biopsy;

• consultation provided by an experienced dermatologist and, if necessary, an allergist;

• laboratory tests, excluding infectious and fungal diseases, determining the presence of antibodies to various allergens and hormonal profile, blood and urine tests, as well as other analyses.


After all the test and relying on their results, a professional dermatologist gives his/her opinion and recommendations regarding treatment:

• allergic diseases;

• infections;

• trophic ulcers, burns;

• scarring;

• acne, pimples, warts;

• psoriasis, seborrhea;

• skin cancer, etc.

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