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Food allergy

Allergies are a real plague of the modern world. According to various sources an estimated 20% of the global population suffers from these diseases. Food allergies in children have become priority for dozens of specialized clinics and medical centres in Germany. This is mainly due to the fact that childhood allergies can lead to some very serious problems in adulthood (in particular, the development of asthma). Medigerman, thus, makes is much easier for you to find a trustworthy doctor and clinic that warrant high quality modern treatment at European level.


What is food allergy?


So, what is in fact food allergy? What are its symptoms and treatment?

This term typically means increased sensitivity to certain food proteins. Some types of such allergies can be outgrown, as, for example, milk, soy or eggs allergies. On balance, people usually stay allergic to seafood, fish and peanuts throughout all their life.


Food allergy symptoms are diverse:

• itching , irritation and slight mucous oedema;

• hives;

• gastrointestinal tract disorders;

• shortness of breath, coughing, etc.




Diagnosis is the first and necessary step to successful treatment. Therefore, it encompasses a broad spectrum of analyses assisted by the latest technology:

• skin tests;

• food provocations;

• identification of immunoglobulin levels in blood;

• other instrumental and laboratory tests.


Food allergy types that were earlier almost untreatable can now be effectively cured. In fact, practically complete elimination of symptoms is possible with the latest scientific developments.


Groundwork materials elaborated in the course of the most recent medical research and applied into clinical practice, indicate significant improvement in the patients’ life quality. Most often these include:

• medication (antihistamines, β2- adrenoceptors);

• immunotherapy (desensitization, sublingual immunotherapy), etc.


If you have a food allergy, Medigerman can assist you in obtaining accurate diagnostic tests and effective treatment in German clinics. It can come in both forms: hospital stay or outpatient treatment. In addition, patients receive detailed recommendations from specialized allergists in regard to allergy prevention and organization of the living conditions. With Medigerman you can always choose the best option, taking into account the characteristics of your disease and other parameters.

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