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Urological Examination

Our company strongly recommends to undergo a thorough urological examination for an early detection and treatment of any pathologies. Only reliable diagnostics can help preserve healthy condition of the female urinary and male urogenital systems.


Full diagnostic program includes:

• consultation and checkup;

• urinary ultrasonography and cystoscopy;

• ultrasound examination.


To determine appropriate therapy and prescribe relevant medicine, urological diagnostics cannot avoid laboratory tests of urine, blood, urethra swabs, tumor markers and infection detection, and other analyzes.


German experts have years of practical experience in the treatment of a wide variety of urological diseases, such as:

• pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, cystitis, urethritis and other pathologies;

• prostate gland diseases – prostatitis, adenoma;

• orchitis, epididymitis, balanoposthitis;

• urolithiasis;

• tumors, etc.


In addition, qualified urologist can also perform a variety micro-invasive surgeries, like circumcision, warts removal, foreskin frenulum dissection (frenotomy), etc.

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