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3. Pavel A., 44 y.o.


Many thanks to Medigerman for their expertise and cordial attitude. I took my wife for a heart surgery. Certainly, I had my doubts – one can never be 100 % trustful of a commercial. And I do believe that good as well as bad doctors can live everywhere – be it Russia or Germany. But there was no other option for me: apart from heart problems, my wife had other issues, too. And there was no way our doctors would operate. The reply to our inquiry, which we received from Medigerman, was so full and exhaustive that we decided to turn to them. The surgeon who tended to us had even rescheduled some of his other surgeries to examine our problem thoroughly. The surgery lasted 6 hours, then 24 more hours were needed to closely follow my wife’s condition while she was still in the resuscitation ward. Naturally, it is still early to talk about any drastic positive changes, but my wife is now doing fine. Thanks to our surgeon and Medigerman.
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