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1. Anna K., 35 y.o.


I’d wish to express my deepest gratitude to the company Medigerman. It was such a pleasure to feel their earnest concern for our problem. My mother had a very serious gynecological condition: she was denied a surgery in Russia, or in other cases, doctors did not guarantee any success as a result of one. We were lucky to cross our paths with Medigerman. It was only 3 weeks between the surgery had got approved and we actually flew for a treatment. We were personally attended and escorted to the hospital. With such a friendly treatment and disposition we felt like we were a family! The doctor was extremely kind and supportive to my mom who had already almost lost her faith. The whole situation generally produced an impression of a smooth and well-coordinated procedure, which was quite reassuring. Maybe this is what German quality means! J It has been now 6 months since the surgery. Mom’s tests show very good results and she feels just wonderful. Thank you!
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